Tuesday, 3 January 2012

ColorSport's '30 Day Mascara'.

Normally, I have quite light eyebrows, which, quite honestly, are the bane of my life). The last time I dyed my hair it was from from my normal mousey-brown shade to complete jet-black, which meant my little brown eyebrows looked a little out of place.
I have used powder and pencils in the past to darken them but when you're pushed for time in the morning and/or are having a completely lazy day, being able to leave your brows alone to save five minutes is a sacrifice I was/still am willing to make.
However, a good set of eyebrows really does frame the face well, and since I made the sacrifice to stop with the pencils and powder, I thought I'd try to tint them. I still find I do have to fill in my eyebrows even after tinting them, but this is because my eyebrows are quite sparse. I suffer from horrendous eyebrow envy when I see thick, bold eyebrows on people. Urgh it makes me want to cry.

I also have quite light eyelashes, and have always liked the idea of having dark eyelashes. I think you can get away with not wearing any mascara if you have darker eyelashes. They just seem to frame your eyes better than my silly little blondey-brown ones.

I have been using this product for what seems like years now, and haven't really seen anything else on the high-street quite like it.
I know that salons and beauticians carry out eyebrow tinting, but honestly, this way seems so much more cheaper and convenient. A pack is about £7 from Boots, and it lasts you for months. You only need to re-tint every 6 weeks, and you only use a little of the product each time you tint, so in my opinion it is really worth trying it out rather than trotting off to pay someone to do a job you can do yourself!

The tint shade I'm using is 'Dark Brown', and after a wee look on ColorSport's website, it seems that they only do one other shade which is 'Black'.

This is what my eyelashes and eyebrows look normally. A lightish brown.
Please excuse the horrible state they are in, I really need to pluck them and sort them out but I normally leave it till after I tint my eyebrows because you can see each individual hair better (because they're darker) and it makes it so much easier to do!
Make sure you have washed your eyes and eyebrows to get rid of the makeup and the natural oils that have been produced throughout the day because it helps the dye to work effectively on the eyelash/eyebrow hair.

I use an old MAC StudioFix powder pan for this rather messy job. It's so convenient; no spillage and you can just wash the pan out when you're finished!
You mix the dye and the developer together (rather like when you dye your hair), mush it all together until it gets to quite a thick consistency, and then apply it.
I use an old mascara wand for this job, it makes sure every eyelash and every eyebrow hair is coated in the dye. However, make sure you wash the wand thoroughly before you use it for anything else, because it is nasty stuff.
Also, I wouldn't try to coat every single lash from root to tip. I have tried several times to get the tint from root to tip exactly, and have just ended up getting the tint in my eye, which, for the record, is probably almost as painful as I predict childbirth to be. Just get it on the lashes you can get to and leave it at that.

You do look like a bit of a twat when you've applied it. Just hope the post-man doesn't come to the door!
I've actually lost the official instructions (naughty me) but I'm definitely sure you had to leave the tint on for about 3 minutes for both your eyelashes and eyebrows.

It's not a massive difference because my eyebrows are so sparse but hopefully you can see that there is a slight difference in the colour!

I might have to try the '30 Day Mascara' in 'Black', just to see if I prefer having even darker brows.
However I'm in a bit of a quandry about what to do with my hair. I have disgusting roots at the minute because I don't know whether to go lighter, stay dark or just grow all the dye out and go natural.
I think when I've figured out my mind on that matter I'll choose whether to stay with 'Dark Brown' or go for 'Black', because blonde hair with black eyebrows surely can't be a good look...!?

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