Friday, 30 December 2011

Body Shop's 'Facial Brush'.

I got this little gem for £3, which is really good value. In fact it's actually amazing value for something you can use over and over and over again.
I got it because I wanted something I could use with a foaming facial wash to buff and polish the skin without getting an actual exfoliating product.

I did have a disastrous experience regarding peely skin vs this facial brush and, unfortunately, my skin came out worse off unfortunatley. However, this won't happen to your skin I can assure you, it's just my skin was already peeling off and the brush kinda helped it along. It does emphasize it's exfoliating powers though!

Normally it leaves my skin quite soft and glowing. It's quite a soft gentle brush, and so it is suitable for those with sensitive skin. If I use it with an exfoliating product, you do get more of an intense scrub, but for every day use just using a normal foaming facial wash (like the 'Purifying Foaming Gel') suits me quite nicely!

I do like the fact it comes in it's own little dinky pot, which makes it look adorable just sat on the bathroom shelf, and also prevents those nasty little germs from crawling onto it.
I also like the fact it is quite small, and it is the perfect size for exfoliating your face and getting into every bit of your face. It also makes it perfect for taking on holiday or on your travels.

The only thing I don't like is that I always shy away from using muslin cloths/flannels/brushes before just because they lie around and harbour germs. Eugh.
I normally just use my hands and whatever product I'm using (exfoliator/foaming wash) because I just hate the thought of flannels and cloths etc.
However, with this I have developed a way to help me overcome this fear - pour boiling water on it before you apply your facial wash to it. It makes my inner paranoia feel a little better.

I like that it's multi-use. You can use it dry on your skin to buff your skin, use it with a normal facial wash to get a good clean, or a exfoliating product to get a more intense experience.

Overall, it is a fantastic little product at an unbeleivable price. I would recommend everyone go and purchase one.
I mean, we can't all have the Clarisonic can we...?

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