Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Me and my acne: Week 11 update.

God, what was meant to be a "weekly feature" has been pushed to the side. For four whole weeks. I am such a bad person, tschk.
I'll promise to try and be more reliable from now on!

If you've never read the other 'acne-update' posts I've written before, then basically what I did 11 weeks ago was come off my oral antibiotic (Lymecycline) which was prescribed to me for my acne. I had been on it for about two years, and had tried to stop before, with horrible consequences (my acne came back raging), so I gave up the abstinence and started taking them again.
This time I thought I would try stop taking the antibiotics and really stick it out, charting my success/failure on this small part of the internet.
I started the 'trail' (as I liked to call it) back at the beginning of December, and did a post explaining why I wanted to give it up here, and subsequently did a week 1, 2/3, 4, and 5 update, just in case you wanted to have a look at the pictures of my skin and/or read about my experience about giving up my antibiotics.
Right, at the moment, as you can see in the pictures, my skin is a little red and sore looking, especially around the forehead area. And my eye-bags are terrible and I'm not looking attractive at all, FML. This is only due to my Retin-A where it's made my skin peel off, revealing new skin which is a little tender and, let's say raw. Yum!

My skin recently has cleared up a hell of a lot though, and I'm actually amazed about how good it's been. I still get the odd few spots, but it's literally like ten small ones, and on a good day I may only have three tiny ones, as opposed to having those plus big fat 'boil' type spots.
This is really pleasing, because when I came off my oral antibiotic, I thought I wouldn't be able to cope. But I can, I don't actually need it any more at all! I still need and use my Retin-A to keep them under control and to help reduce the little red marks and the slight scarring I've got, but my skin is nothing like what it used to be.
To be honest I think this is all thanks to the Clarisonic 'Mia' I got in January which will be getting a glowing review all by itself soon enough! I'm always updating and swapping the cleansers and face creams, and always was, so I don't think I can attribute my clearer skin to any of the new products, I definitely think it's 'Mia'.

So that's a little update on the acne front. Short and sweet I know, but I don't want to babble because it's only an update!

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